What is Design Mirror?

Design Mirror is a tool that mirror perception and personality and helps you or a group to create self-awareness using images, colors and words. Based on the principle that the visual language can say more than words and you often know the answer yourself.

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What can I Mirror?

Mirror yourself, a group or a team using images, colors and words.

What is a perception survey?

An added survey of perception in a mirror among members of a group or team that will help create unity by revealing differences in perception and emotional blockages.

How do I interpret the result?

Learn more here. For personal assistans contant me at info[at]

How do I add images?

During BETA you need permission to upload your own images. Send me a email with a request to info[at]

You can add images from our image library or insert your own. To do that click the plus icon in the mirror and My Images. Upload or Insert Images with a URL.

How do I insert an Image with a URL?

Find an image on the Internet. Right click > Show image. Right click on the image > Copy image address. Can be slightly different depending on Browser.

How do I remove, clear my answer?

In the perception survey form there is a link below the save button that will clear and reset your answer.

How do I start?

Go to Mirrors. Click the + icon at the bottom right to add a new mirror. Select what kind of mirror your want or join a mirror that you've been invited to. Follow the instructions.

How do I invite people to a Group?

Go to Mirror Settings > List Members or Add New.

What do you mean by Object or Item in a Mirror?

A color, word or image.

I have picked items, now what?

The visual speaks for itself. Then do the Visual Survey (if active).

What is a Visual and Emotional Survey?

This is an extra feature on top of the visual mirror. You can turn it on and off (just let the visual speak) under Mirror Settings > Advanced.

It survey what objects in the mirror makes you feel and what visual details you see in it based on polarity; is it more linear or organic, symmetric or asymmetric, hard or soft, and so on. Based on Design Genetics. Can be done for each object (detailed) or as a general overview (simple).

The Visual Survey calculates the avarage value of every member in the group.

A Visual Survey makes most sense in groups but might be helpful for Single Users.

How do I interpret the Visual and Emotional Survey?

What about that small star?

A small star in a Mirror's object in Group View means more than one member has picked the same object. Might be significant.

About images and copyright

If you miss an image/item let me know at: info[at]

Design Mirror is a privately run non-profit project. Let me know if you find images that are strictly copyright protected of your ownership and I'll remove them. If possible I would appreciate approval by mail at info[at] as this is for a good cause, a mission to create unity.

What is Energy Flow?

A traditional survey asking how members ( in groups or teams created in Mirrors) perceive themselves and the rest of the group or team. Shows the level of energy in the group or the "flow of energy". A group is like a human and human qualities are like batteries. If full they give good energy and if low drain the group of energy. Can be used as before and after when using a visual Mirror to e g find a groups true identity.


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